Day 6: Love Song

I sing to my cat on a regular basis. No, this is not weird. I promise I am not the only one. I have however never written a song about my cat, that is until now.

Day 5: Polymer Clay

I am a huge fan of Meredith Dittmar. She makes the cutest polymer clay creatures called My Guys. I've always been impressed with the tiny little details of their faces. After attempting to work with polymer clay today I am even more impressed with her skills. It's not as easy as I thought it would be. I imagined the clay would be a lot softer, but the FIMO clay I used was a little crumbly and hard to work with. Once I got it warmed up in my hands it became more pliable, but its nothing like Play doh. It took me a few attempts to get a character that was stable. The first two just fell apart. My final guy has a slight resemblance to Gumby. Maybe he is Gumby's shorter and less awesome cousin, Stumpy.

Photo credit: cartoon photo collection

Day 20: Make something out of clay.


Day 4: Avocado Man

I thought about making something out of my dinner tonight, but I was so hungry I forgot to do it! Lucky for me I still had some leftover avocado pieces which I turned into Avocado Man.


Day 3: Paperclips

Today I had some down time at work which gave me the opportunity to make something with materials I had at my desk. I made this cute little paper clip cat. His name is Oscar.

Day 88: Make something only using stuff from your workplace or office.


Day 2: SMUT

Today was a little more difficult for me. I had originally planned to make some printed cards using an apple, but when I tired it with ink it just absorbed into the apple. So I tried acrylic paint, which got all gloppy and didn't print smoothly. It was basically a total flop, so I ended up abandoning the whole idea and started with a  new one. I opted for making something out of an item I had an abundance of. I had just received a massive bottle of TUMS, so I stacked up a whole bunch of them to spell out "SMUT" which is just TUMS backwards.


Day 1: The Rose Owl

Getting started with this whole project was a little tricky, but I skimmed through my new book for inspiration and decided to explore my apartment for materials to use. I chose some wilted roses Brian bought me on Valentine's Day. They unfortunately never bloomed so I figured they should be transformed into something pretty before being tossed into the trash. I thought the petals were kind of similar to the the feathers on a bird or scales on a fish when overlapped. With that in mind I found this picture of an owl...

and used it as reference to make this...


365 days

I've wanted to take the time to do something creative on a daily basis for a while now. It's been hard with my long commute to work, one hour there and one hour back, but I finally found the motivation when I stumbled upon this book, 365: A Daily Creative Journal: Make Something Every Day and Change your life!. It was just the push I needed. I came home that night, February 20, 2011 and started with my first project.

I will share every one of my 365 daily projects with you here. I plan to photograph, make, sew, build, construct, or mold something every day for the next year. Getting started was half the battle, but already on day four I feel like I am thinking more creatively and opening up my mind to all the possibilities out there. I hope by the end of one year I will be filled with tons of creative inspiration, lots of cool projects to share, and a more developed creative mind.

I'll be posting my daily projects soon and I hope you will help me stay motivated and maybe even be inspired to start a year long project yourself.