Mini Photo Challenge | Day 27: From a Distance


Headbands and Bows

Ribbon Headbands

the gingham may be by favorite

the purple flowers are pretty fun too

hair bow clip

three tier hair bow clip

flower hair clips

Besides taking a photo every day for the past month I've also been trying to get back into my crafting. I have several sewing projects I need to start and a few decorations I need to make for my sisters upcoming baby shower. The other day I whipped up a few headbands and some hair clips for my nieces. This was a very quick and satisfying project. I think I need more like this. I lack the patience to work on projects that takes more than a few hours to complete lately. I think it's mainly because I'd rather be outside in the sunshine.


Mini Photo Challenge | Day 25: Pink

I am not a huge fan of pink, so this is pretty much the only pink thing I could find in my house today.

Mini Photo Challenge | Day 24: Animal

I had to post the second one mainly because it's the most accurate depiction of my cat. Well that or bathing and sleeping. That's about the extent of her existence. Eat, Sleep, Bathe. Repeat.


Mini Photo Challenge | Days 20-22

Ok, I'm finally caught up on my posts! Just a little over a week to go and my photo challenge is complete. I can't wait to look at the whole month and see what I've accomplished.

Day 20: Bokeh Lights

Day 21: Faceless Self-Portrait

Day 22: Hands


Mini Photo Challenge | Days 15-19

I was out of town all weekend for not one, but two weddings! One was 5 hours away in Tennessee and other was an hour away near my home town. Both were lovely, but they didn't leave me with much time to upload my daily photos. Here are the past five days.

Day 15: Silhouette

Day 16: Long Exposure

Day 17: Technology

Day 18: Shoes 
Day 19: Orange



Mini Photo Challenge | Day 11: Something Blue

Pyrex Bowl
This is one of my favorite bowls. It's part of a Pyrex chip and dip set that was produced in 1958 as a promotional item. I got it from my boyfriend's Grandma after she passed. I leave it out on the counter to store garlic. Whenever I see it I think of her. She was a wonderful woman and is dearly missed.

Mini Photo Challenge | Day 10: Childhood Memory

When I was little I would color in coloring books for hours. I always propped up my box of crayons so I could clearly see what all my color options were. I had multiple Precious Moments and Garfield coloring books. They were my favorite. This coloring book is one that I kept from when I was little. Once in a while I'll still color in it.


Mini Photo Challenge | Day 9: Someone You Love

My boyfriend and Miss Kitty
My intention was to get a nice head shot of my boyfriend, but once he started to torture the cat I thought this shot was more fitting. I love them both.


Mini Photo Challenge | Day 8: Bad Habit

I could eat pasta EVERY day

Oh Happy Day Giveaway

I just had to share this!

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I would just scream if I won!


Mini Photo Challenge | Day 5: High Angle

I picked up this dinosaur softie at a garage sale a few years ago. The old lady selling it didn't seem to want to part with it at all. I'm pretty sure she made it. She had another one in a yellow floral fabric too. I should have bought both.


Mini Photo Challenge | Day 4: Something Green

I love the shade of green these little bubble gum eggs are. I'm glad I didn't throw them away after Easter.


Mini Photo Challenge | Day 3: Clouds

There weren't too many clouds in the sky today. Luckily I snapped this shot while taking a stroll at lunch today.


Mini Photo Challenge | Day 2: What I Wore Today

What I wore today
 I really wanted to set this shot up in the field down the street, but I didn't have the nerve to go alone. Maybe later this month I'll get the courage to venture out with my tripod.


Mini Photo Challenge | Day 1: Self Portrait

I started a mini photo challenge. If you are wondering what its all about check out this post. The first day's challenge is a self portrait. I have never really taken one, unless you count all the myspace photos I took of myself when I was a teen. You know the ones where people hold out the camera to take a picture of themselves making stupid faces. Like the first one here. Yes, I'll admit I did have one of myself making duck face, but I have completely outgrown that.

Anyway, it's a pretty challenging concept. Having to set up a camera to take a photo while making sure you stand in the right spot is tricky. I played around a little bit yesterday just to warm up. It didn't go so well. As you can see I was completely out of focus. I also had a neighbor giving me the stink eye so I gave up after a few shots.

When I got home from work today I decided to go the old mirror route. I didn't just want to take a picture of me in a mirror. I've seen that done too many times. So I played with the idea of taking a picture looking into a mirror reflecting back onto the mirror behind me. It turned out to be a fairly interesting effect.

I love the way your eye gets carried across the photo from one corner to the other. I also like the warm hue I added.