365 days

I've wanted to take the time to do something creative on a daily basis for a while now. It's been hard with my long commute to work, one hour there and one hour back, but I finally found the motivation when I stumbled upon this book, 365: A Daily Creative Journal: Make Something Every Day and Change your life!. It was just the push I needed. I came home that night, February 20, 2011 and started with my first project.

I will share every one of my 365 daily projects with you here. I plan to photograph, make, sew, build, construct, or mold something every day for the next year. Getting started was half the battle, but already on day four I feel like I am thinking more creatively and opening up my mind to all the possibilities out there. I hope by the end of one year I will be filled with tons of creative inspiration, lots of cool projects to share, and a more developed creative mind.

I'll be posting my daily projects soon and I hope you will help me stay motivated and maybe even be inspired to start a year long project yourself. 


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