Day 1: The Rose Owl

Getting started with this whole project was a little tricky, but I skimmed through my new book for inspiration and decided to explore my apartment for materials to use. I chose some wilted roses Brian bought me on Valentine's Day. They unfortunately never bloomed so I figured they should be transformed into something pretty before being tossed into the trash. I thought the petals were kind of similar to the the feathers on a bird or scales on a fish when overlapped. With that in mind I found this picture of an owl...

and used it as reference to make this...

I really like the way this guy turned out, but I wish that there had been a little more contrast with the pink and purple hues of the rose petals. It's a little hard to differentiate the wing from the body.

Note: After completing a few projects I decided to see if any of them fit the kickstart ideas from A Daily Creative Journal 365: Make Something Everyday and Change Your life.  

This one fits with Day 47: Work with flowers – artificial or real, live or dried, picked or bought. 

I plan to make something everyday that fits one of the kickstart ideas, but not necessarily in the order they appear in the book. I will be listing which kickstart idea my projects were inspired by at the end of ever post.

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