Day 5: Polymer Clay

I am a huge fan of Meredith Dittmar. She makes the cutest polymer clay creatures called My Guys. I've always been impressed with the tiny little details of their faces. After attempting to work with polymer clay today I am even more impressed with her skills. It's not as easy as I thought it would be. I imagined the clay would be a lot softer, but the FIMO clay I used was a little crumbly and hard to work with. Once I got it warmed up in my hands it became more pliable, but its nothing like Play doh. It took me a few attempts to get a character that was stable. The first two just fell apart. My final guy has a slight resemblance to Gumby. Maybe he is Gumby's shorter and less awesome cousin, Stumpy.

Photo credit: cartoon photo collection

Day 20: Make something out of clay.

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