Day 36: Photo Love

Earlier this month I tagged along with my former boss, Marissa, to help her photograph a wedding! The bride and groom, Christine and Greg, were also former co-workers, so it lead to a very memorable evening. It was great being able to witness such a sweet and personalized ceremony. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to help capture their special day.

This was my first time shooting professionally. I was super nervous, but working with Marissa was great. She was very helpful and easy to work with. My main goals that day were to help her get shots at different angles, learn as much as I could about the process, and to see if I enjoyed the whole idea of shooting a wedding. I have to say I loved it!


Day 40: Succulent Terrariums

I finally got a chance to make my terrariums today! My original plan was to have at least two plants in the larger container, but they didn't fit.  I might pick up a few nick knacks, like small plastic animals or something to add a little more interest, but I'm kinda of liking the simplicity of these right now.

Succulent Terrariums


Day 38: Sunset Photos

The weather was lovely yesterday. The boyfriend and I hung out on the porch and just enjoyed the sunset and the nice cool breeze. We have been letting Kitty outside with us lately which has been pretty entertaining. She is strictly an indoor cat so she gets really curious. The wind was really freaking her out. I don't think she understood what was happening when her fur was getting blown all around.

Since the light was so pretty I decided to bring out my camera and snap a few shots of the boyfriend and the cat. Here are a few of my favorites.


Day 37: Spin that Record Baby One More Time

I finally got around to making the April calendar from Curiosity Group. It's the cutest little record player. You can make one too!


Make Something 365

I'm being featured on Make Something 365 today. Check it out.

In other news I'll be posting about my creative adventure this past weekend next week. I accompanied a friend of mine to a wedding to photograph the event! It was soooo much fun! In the mean time enjoy this little little paper mouse I made. More projects to come soon!


Day 35: Pouring with Love

While looking for inspiration for projects I came across this cute little idea over at Young House Love. I quickly ran to the closest craft store and picked up a porcelain marker and made a trip to the thrift store for a couple coffee mugs. Now let me tell you. Getting this marker to work on the mug was no easy task. I don't know if all the porcelain markers out there are a pain in the butt or just the one I bought, but I couldn't get the marker to flow the ink out smoothly to save my life. It took several attempts to get it to work correctly and even then the ink started to just rub off. It kinda worked in my favor though since I wasn't happy with my first attempt. About an hour later I finally ended up with this.