I played around with a zoom lens the other day and took some pictures of the clouds. They make me happy.


Home-made Laundry Soap

I finally got around to making my own laundry soap a few weeks ago. I found a "recipe" for it here. The only change I made to mine was instead of the  Fels Naptha Soap I used Dr Bonners Citrus Organic Bar Soap. This was only because I couldn't find the Fels Naptha at my grocery store and I was to lazy to make a special trip to get it. 

So far the laundry soap has been working beautifully. My clothes come out clean and smelling fresh, but not too much like citrus. It's also so much cheaper than store bough detergents. I think when I figured the numbers out its somewhere around .05 cents a load! Also, I only need 1 table spoon of  it to do one load of laundry. 


Lazy Sketch

It's been about a month since I posted anything on here. I plan to change that starting today. For my first day back please enjoy this lovely sketch of my cat. She has been sleeping on her back a lot lately. It's pretty damn cute.