iPhone 5: I've Got You Covered

It's here! My iPhone 5 arrived today and I have to say it's lovely!

Now my biggest challenge will be picking a case. There's a limited selection of iPhone 5 cases on the market right now, but I found a few that piqued my interest. All of these cases are available for the 4G and 4GS too, so don't feel left out if you haven't upgraded.


Cases by Cera has some really pretty and unique cases. They iPhone 5 versions won't be available until the end of October, but I think they are worth the wait. I'm kind of in love with each and every case they have. Here are a few of my favorites. All of them are under $20!


Make: Throw Pillows

Our living room has been lacking substantial pillows for a long time. We've had the small one in the photo above laying around for a few years. The poly-fill and slip stitched cover has been less than ideal. I haven't been able to wash it and the poly-fill isn't very supportive.

The larger orange pillow in the back was made using a pillow form and an envelope pillow cover. I found a tutorial on Mini Manor. It's really easy to follow and assembly is quick. If you have ever debating buying new pillows I'd recommend just covering your old ones. It's a lot less expensive and you can pick your own fabric which is always nice.