Photography: The George Sisters | Mini Session | Dayton, OH

I loved working with these sisters. They both are so sweet and made each other laugh so much towards the end of the session. It made for a really wonderful day.


DIY: A Lalaloopsy Doll Costume

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love dressing up and pretending to be someone else. This year a few friends and I decided to be Lalaloopsy dolls. I chose to be Marina Anchors.

This costume was quite a challenge, but probably one of the best costumes I have had so far. The most time consuming part was making the blue yarn wig. It was such a key element!

wig in the making

After getting the wig together I had the difficult task of figuring out how to get it into pigtails. I didn't just want any pigtails though, they had to be high and braided. This was a challenge because of the way my wig was assembled. If I pulled all the hair up then the back of my head was exposed. So I had to improvise! The end result was a jerry-rigged wig that included lots of bobby pins.  

After mastering my wig I had to nail the wardrobe. With the nautical theme being so abundant this past summer I thought it would be super easy. To my surprise I couldn't find a red and white striped shirt anywhere!

Then I decided I'd make the outfit from scratch. I had it all planned out, but then I ended up running out of time since I was so busy with work. Luckily I managed to score the most perfect skirt at a thrift store. It just needed to be hemmed and taken in a few inches. Easy peasy!

I borrowed a shirt from a friend, painted some white canvas sneakers blue, and made some button eyes out of foam and a wooden dowel. The end product was this!

Marin Anchors, Charlotte Charades, Jewel Sparkles

Charlotte Charades & Marina Anchors

Jewel Sparkles, Charlotte Charades, Marina Anchors

If you decide to tackle this costume yourself please share! There are so many cute dolls to pick from.  I'd love to see what other people come up with. 

Photography: The Wilson Family | Dayton, OH

A few weeks ago I had a mini session with the wonderful Wilson family! They are such a sweet and loving family and were so much fun to work with. Here are a few of my favorites from the day.