Honeymoon: Caribbean Cruise - Part 3

Day 3: Falmouth, Jamaica

That morning we arrived in Falmouth, Jamaica and went on our first excursion, a kayak trip to
Dunn's River FallsThe day started with an hour long bus ride down the coast to the ocean. Our tour guide taught us a few Rasta phrases to help pass the time. Some of them were "Iree" which means "Happy", "Nutten" which means "Nothing", and when asked a question instead of saying "Yes" you had to say "Ya Mon". "No problem" is also a very popular phrase because they Rastafarian's are so care free.

When we arrived to our destination we were escorted through a resort to the shore where our kayaks awaited. We 
climbed into our kayaks and paddled our way through the sea to our destination. We passed over an old coral reef, some beautiful homes, and a dolphin cove (I never saw a dolphin so this may have been a lie). Our tour guide took us to a small waterfall and pushed each of our kayaks through it for a nice refreshing soak. He sang the whole time, which was really happy.

Once we made our way to the falls we enjoyed a tasty snack, some type of chicken or beef hot pocket like meal, and some juice. Once we were all re-energized it was time to get to climbing. Our tour guides riled us up with singing and cheers of "Wet, wet, wet!", because obviously there was no way to climb the falls and remain dry! Everyone in our group held hands and we made our way up the falls. 

Dunn's River Falls isn't like a typical waterfall. It's more like a very long set of steps made from rock that go about 600 feet high. Throughout the falls are several small pools and it is surrounded by lots of lush, green trees. It's also one of the only waterfalls that dumps directly into the sea.

Our tour guides took pictures and video of our adventure, but we decided to not invest in the images they had to share. 
Unfortunately, due to all the water on this trip we didn't get any pictures either. We didn't want to risk destroying our camera (Brian's iPhone). Sorry to disappoint, this one is just going to have to be logged in our noggins. 

If you are really interested in seeing the falls you could watch this video I found. 

To help make up for the lack of excursion photos, please enjoy the only photo of Jamaica from our cruise ship along with some shots of us on the ships bow.

Once we decided to crash that night we found a super cute towel animal on our bed.

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