Honeymoon: Caribbean Cruise - Part 1

We hopped on a plane the day after our wedding and flew to Florida to start our first adventure as husband and wife! One of my dear old friends and her husband were also on the flight. They encouraged the flight attendant to move us to first class. Unfortunately it was full, but she did offer us complimentary cocktails. Better than nothing right?

Once we arrived in Florida we crashed at a hotel, ate some mediocre pizza, and watched some TV on an old tube TV. Talk about classy! 
That following afternoon, we boarded our Royal Caribbean ship, The Freedom of the Seas.

Good-Bye Florida!
Once inside I was completely in awe. Brian had been on one other cruise, but this was my first. I had no idea how insanely awesome the ship would be. There were several pools, a casino, three dining halls, an arcade, ice skating rink, theater, ice cream shop, a couple restaurants, and lots of shopping.

Our state room with balcony
First day of exploring

Day 1: At Sea

That morning we went to a shopping talk and learned about what each island had to offer.  A lot of it was jewelry and watches. All of which were very pretty, but we weren't really in the market. We did get some coupons for attending and it did kill some time though. The rest of that afternoon we explored the boat and relaxed. Then we got all gussied up and went to dinner at one of the restaurants on the boat, Portofino. We both started with a delicious risotto. Brian ordered their filet mignon and I had the fish skewer for our main course.

Shrimp Risotto 
Our waiter wasn't the best photographer but we appreciated the effort.

Our server was very Italian and didn't speak fluent English, but he was really fun to talk to. When he found out we were on our honeymoon he brought us two glasses of champagne with strawberries, a pretty plate with "Happy Honeymoon" written in chocolate with a brownie and a candle, a tray of treats, and the two desserts we had ordered. I love sweets, but I'm pretty sure he was trying to kill us. 

After dinner we went to our first show of the week, Marquee. It was a Broadway-style musical which left a lot to be desired. It was mostly a hodge-podge of acts and didn't really have a good flow, but it was still fun.

Up Next: Haiti & Jamaica

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