Honeymoon: Caribbean Cruise - Part 2

Day 2: Labadee, Haiti

People are always shocked when I tell them this was my favorite port to visit. Haiti doesn't have the best wrap, but when you are dropped off on a sandy beach with clear blue water you really can't complain.

There were two separate beaches accessible from our port. One was right off the boat. It was a little rocky close to shore. You had to walk several feet out into the ocean to get to the sandy part. The other beach had smooth sand all the way from the shore line to the buoys about a half mile out. The only bad thing was you had to walk through the shopping district and fight off the Haitians to get there. I quickly learned what not to do in the shopping districts though. DO NOT follow shop owners to their shop and let them hand you items to hold. They will do whatever they can to get you to buy from them. Then, when you say no, they will make you feel guilty and you're husband will have to drag you away so you don't end up with maracas, a flute, and hand made jewelry you'll never wear.

After spending the day in Haiti we grabbed some dinner in the dinning hall and checked out a magic show with Drew Thomas. He was on the popular NBC show, America's Got Talent, a few years back. He did several disappearing acts and even made it snow! It really was amazing. If you ever get a chance to see him, go for it.

If you missed Part 1 be sure to check it out. 

Next: Jamaica and Grand Cayman

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