Day 36: Photo Love

Earlier this month I tagged along with my former boss, Marissa, to help her photograph a wedding! The bride and groom, Christine and Greg, were also former co-workers, so it lead to a very memorable evening. It was great being able to witness such a sweet and personalized ceremony. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to help capture their special day.

This was my first time shooting professionally. I was super nervous, but working with Marissa was great. She was very helpful and easy to work with. My main goals that day were to help her get shots at different angles, learn as much as I could about the process, and to see if I enjoyed the whole idea of shooting a wedding. I have to say I loved it!

I'm fairly happy with the shots I got and I plan to practice more often. Luckily I have a pretty large family and they are all willing to let me photograph them. My sister actually asked me to take some photos of her in July. She will be about six months pregnant then! I'm looking forward to documenting her belly.

Thanks again to Marissa for helping me explore a new creative outlet! Make sure you check out her portfolio and blog. She is super talented!

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