Day 40: Succulent Terrariums

I finally got a chance to make my terrariums today! My original plan was to have at least two plants in the larger container, but they didn't fit.  I might pick up a few nick knacks, like small plastic animals or something to add a little more interest, but I'm kinda of liking the simplicity of these right now.

Succulent Terrariums

Want to make your own? It's really simple, here is what you will need:

- large open glass containers (these guys need lots of air and sun)
- pebbles for a layer of drainage
- cactus soil (its a special formula for succulents and cacti)
- a few succulent plants

Start with a layer or pebbles
Then a layer of soil
Grab a plant and loosen its roots and plant
Cover with more soil and a few pebbles for some color
Ta'da! You have a terrarium
I like that this one doesn't fit and is trying to escape
My last little guy wouldn't fit in my container so he just gets a pot for now

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