Day 7: Rorschach Test

The Rorschach test is a psychological test in which patients are asked to describe what images they see in a set of inkblots. Their answers are analyzed and used to figure out what their emotional functions and personality characteristics are. You can take a test here or here if you are interested. I wouldn't take the results to seriously. I'm pretty sure both of these were not analyzed by real psychologists, but it's still fun.

I took a shot at making my own Rorschach tests and showed them to a few friends. Instead of the traditional black ink on white paper I went with white ink on brown paper. Only a couple of us really saw much of anything in the inkblots. A few of them are visually interesting though, so I might hang them up in my apartment.





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 Day 208: Create a Rorschach test. Have your friends interpret it.

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